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We Build Custom Voice Activated Experiences To Simplify Your Life

Book appointments. Call for emergency. Request transportation. Turn lights on/off. Check security cameras. Place orders. Get groceries. Keep in touch with family and friends. Enjoy a bit of freedom by being in control.

How It Works & What We Do

We customize and setup your very own accessibility experience and programme your very own commands.


We Build Custom Commands

We will help you with selecting the right device(s), whether it be one or more, depending on your needs.


We Setup Your Custom App

We will get you setup with your very own custom app so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind.


We Give You Total Control

Get the right information and access you need to best assist your own personal situation, and limit your dependence on others. Awesome.

Control The Things You Need To With Your Voice

With custom voice controlled apps you can now do things that were thought as impossible. Control your car, your lighting, heating and cooling, command your TV, music or remote cameras. Order groceries or dinner or book appointments and call for assistance when necessary. All with your voice.


Voice control your music

Play songs of your favorite artists and movie.

Alexa, Play Girl's like you
Alexa, Volume Up

Get your favortie recipes

Just ask for recipes from best of chefs.

Alexa, How to cook pasta
Alexa, Tell me more about macaroni
Book appointments or place orders.
Control your home environment!
Automate things you can't remember.
Stay in contact with friends and family.

We Build Custom Voice Activated Experiences

Get personalized scheduled appointments, reminders, news and more whenever you want, with your voice. In multiple languages.

Control TV channels using Alexa

Control movies on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or Amazon Prime Video.

We Customize Alexa To Listen To Your Unique Commands

We will customize your commands and specific assistance to suit your needs.


Connect with your favourite music playlist or podcasts.

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News & Weather

Get the news and weather customized to your specific needs.

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Get the latest scores and stream available games as they happen.

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Questions & Answers

Engage your mind and creativity with questions and answers. Just as a question.

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Control your lighting, heating, cooling, doors, security cameras and other devices.

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Alarms & Reminders

Don't ever miss another appointment or scheduled medication. Get reminded.

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Voice control your music

Alexa, Play top charts
Alexa, Set volume to 50%

Get the Lastest news

Alexa, Latest updates on politics
Alexa, Give me flash briefing

Listen to Podcasts

Alexa, Play “Robert Mueller And The Iron Triangles”
Alexa, Set volume to 70%

Listen Radio On the Go

Alexa, Tune BBC Radio
Alexa, Change to channel 4

Alexa can read for you

Alexa, Read me harry potter chapter 5
Alexa, Set volume to 100%

Let Us Make Your Life Easier

There are many options to choose from, we can help you with making the best choices for your individual needs.

Control Your Environment

Access your custom commands from anywhere with your smart speakers.

Around The Home

Control your TV, music, security cameras, doors, heat and cooling, amongst other things.

For Scheduling

Schedule appointments, book transportation or set timers, alerts and reminders.

In The Kitchen

Get recipes, order groceries or watch your favourite chef cook for inspiration.

Enjoy The Best Features of Alexa

Stream your favorite shows

Alexa, Switch to Youtube
Alexa, Play Maroon 5

Stream your music

Alexa, Play Despacito
Alexa, Set volume to 100%

Music all over in your House

Alexa, Play party playlist
Alexa, Set volume to 100%

Alexa Remembers all your shopping items

Alexa, Add bread to shopping list
Alexa, what's on my shopping list

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Let alexa make your life easier

There are many options to choose from, we can help you with making the best choices for your individual needs.

All-new Echo Dot Amazon Echo Plus Echo Spot Echo Spot
Price $ 100.00 $ 225.00 $ 190.00 $ 175.00
Overview Add Alexa to any room Powerful room-filling sound Premium sound with built-in smart home hub Stylish and compact Echo with a screen
Speaker included
Speaker size 1.6" speaker 2.5" woofer, 0.6" tweeter 3" woofer, 0.8" tweeter 1.4" speaker
Display included
Screen size 2.5"
Display resolution 480 x 480
Controls smart home devices
Built-in hub
Dual speakers powered by Dolby
Streaming music (Amazon Prime Music, Saavn and Tune In)
Line out with 3.5 mm cable or Bluetooth Line in and line out
Video calls to supported devices

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